Sair Garcia

Sair Garcia

Magdalena, 2017


50 x 50 cm



Rivers in Colombia as well as in much of Latin America have been part in the events of the countries in all their periods, especially as a means of transportation and communication. But in recent decades they have also served as silent witnesses to injustices and unfortunate events, especially the Río Grande de la Magdalena in Colombia, whose only name is synonymous of pain and of repentance, around which it has turned primarily the work of Sair García.

Contrary to what is thought almost in a generalized and equivocal way, the Colombian region of Magdalena Medio has a past that dates back more than 12,000 years, from the first settlements in this vast territory bathed torrentially by the Yuma River (now Magdalena), owner of real archaeological treasures currently threatened by extractivism. However, in spite of the mass extermination of the peoples, even today forms of being, doing and living survive, which are invisible most of the time, but which recover founding traditions of the different riverside cultures throughout the latter. Read more…

Sair Garcia

Platanera, Serie Magdalena (polyptych – 4 pieces), 2017

Oil on bronze sheet

60 x 120 cm

Sair Garcia

Magdalena, 2017

Oil on bronze sheet

30 x 60 cm

Sair Garcia

Magdalena, 2016

Oil on stainless steel

110 x 160 cm each

The personal chronicle and the autobiographical self are sensitive keys when it comes to contemplating the artist and his work. The series „Magdalena“ is loaded with images, atmospheres and common places on the banks of the Rio Grande, which remind us that the magdalénicos, these amphibian beings still live there, in a world that moves like the river itself. The work reveals, on the one hand, fragments of everyday beauty, creative life; and on the other, subtle and subtle scenes that remind us of the real and symbolic violence that inexorably results in pain and loss. His paintings replicate the future of the river, its sinuosities and apparent placid flow, and it does so by using steel as a support, a metal that is not only reminiscent of its waters by its color and texture, but also by its ductive nature, as a transmitter, manifests an attribute that it shares with the river in its function of mental and physical demarcation that complements eloquently and coherently the metaphor.

„Magdalena“ is the plastic result of a four-year investigation into the development of the most important river in Colombia, the Rio Grande de La Magdalena. This series deals with the different scenarios that it provides, as well as the route that it makes by the different peoples and the events that come from it, from the landscapes to the poor use of its waters, which at social level represents a great impact on their people. The river – because of its capacity to contain and drag – causes strangeness in the route as an extension always renewed and unattainable, marginalized by the deterioration. The feeling of desolation is used by the painting with softness and subtlety, and we see then how the natures are exchanged for the sake of a constant transfiguration of forms, means, as well as systems of image and painting to speak of a simple and complex thing to the same time: the landscape.





1994 – 1996  Plastic Arts, University Antonio Nariño, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

1996 –  2001   Plastic Arts, National University, Bogota, Colombia.

Solo Exhibitions


Magdalena, Klaus Steinemetz Arte Contemporáneo, San José de Costa Rica 


Magdalena, El Nogal Club, Bogota, Colombia


Magdalena, Sandra Montenegro Contemporary Art, Miami, Fl


Magdalena, Beatriz Esguerra Arte, Bogota, Colombia.

Exodus, Theater Santiago Londoño, Carlos Drews Castro Chamber, Pereira Colombia.


Mathematical Logics, Galería Christopher Paschall s. XXI, Bogota, Colombia.


Atmospheres and Stilt Houses Montealegre Galería de Arte, Bogota, Colombia.

At he Other Side, ADN Galería, Cali, Colombia


The True Widow, Please Stand Up. Galería La Cometa, Bogota, Colombia.


Parallel Realities, Arte Consultores Galería, Bogota, Colombia.

Silences, Gyvathayim National Theater, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Silences, Consulate of Colombia in Frankfurt, Germany.

Silences, Synart Art Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Exodus, Artecamara, Chamber of Commerce of, Bogota, Colombia.

Magdalena, Galería Valenzuela y Klenner Contemporary Art, Bogota, Colombia.


Silences, Fabiola Gonzales Ángel Galería Cali, Colombia.

Silences, Galería La Cometa, Bogota, Colombia.

Encounters, Galería Latinoamericana, Casa de las Américas, La  Habana, Cuba.


Paintings. Sair García, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Barrancabermeja, Colombia.

Earth in Verse Public Library Gabriel Turbay, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Lost Paradise, Cultural Center Cultural, Universidad de Salamanca 


Poetry of Sadness, Universidad de Panamá. Ciudad de Panamá

Collective Exhibitions


Zona MACO Mexico Contemporary Art Fair, Mexico


Art Stage Fair, Singapore

Art Lima Fair, Peru

Feria Barcu, Bogotá, Colombia

Feria Artbo, Bogotá, Colombia

Art Context Fair, Miami Fl, USA

Scope Fair, Miami Fl, USA


Art Stage Fair, Singapore

Art Fair Lima, Peru

Art Context Fair, Miami Fl, USA

XII Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba.

North Of The Border, Art Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Open Lounges, Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga, Colombia.


Painting Occurs Here Also, Galería Christopher Paschall S.XXI, Bogota, Colombia.

De-materialized Nature, NC Contemporary Art, Bogota, Colombia.

Rewind, Winners of the National University Art Venue, Artes Guerrero Academy, Bogota, Colombia.


Escaping with the Landscape, Sandra Montenegro Contemporary Art, Miami Fl, USA

Scope New York, International Art Fair, New York, NY, USA.

XXI Ibero-American Art Fair FIA 2012, Caracas, Venezuela.


Colombia Underground, Hardcore Art Contemporary Space & Galería Christopher Paschall S. XXI, Miami .FL.

XX Ibero-American Art Fair FIA 2011, Caracas, Venezuela.

Houston Fine Art Fair, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, USA.

Ethnical Groups 11, Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumunster, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

BE PART, Art Auction, New York, NY, USA.


Contemporary Art From Colombia, Witzenhausen Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY, USA.

Art Beijing, Art Fair, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

Pinta Art Fair, The Modern& Contemporary Latin American Art Show, London, UK.

Scope Basel Art Show, International Contemporary Art, Basel, Switzerland.


Latin Art Brussels, Ethnical Group 2010, Brussels, Belgium.


5DE  Internacionale Foto en kunst tentoonstelling. Special guest, Latin American Art. Watermolenwal,  Heule, Belgium.

The Latin Eye, Benetton Foundation, Milan Italia.

The Latin Eye, Benetton Foundation, Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

XXth Century Colombian Drawings. Galería La Cometa, Bogota, Colombia.


XVI Ibero-American Art Venue.  MIGRATION  Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington D.C, USA.


First Art Venue Fernando Botero, Corferias, Bogota, Colombia.

Place/ No Place, or space between things. New Names Program, Library Luis Ángel Arango, Bogota, Colombia.

Art Bo, International Art Far Bogota, Corferias, Bogota Colombia.

Resistances, Colombo-French Alliance, Pereira, Colombia.


Limits, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation, Bogota, Colombia

II Bi-dimensional Art Venue Gilberto Alzate  Avendaño Foundation. Bogota. Colombia.


Fresh Painting, Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Bogota, Colombia.


Sample 2.International Contemporary Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico, D.F.


Creative Incitements  Human Figure, Instituto de Cultura Brazil-Colombia, Bogota, Colombia.


Creative Incitements  Human Figure, Instituto de Cultura Brazil-Colombia,Bogota, Colombia.

New Colombian Painting Tour: Hall of Lost Steps  UNESCO, Paris France.

Halls of Gallery  ETAJ 3/4 of the National Theater of Bucarest, Romania.

Art Museum, Constanta Romania.

City Hall Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.

Art Museum Szombathely, Hungary.


VI National Universitary Art Venue, FENALCO Bogota, Colombia.

PHILIPS Art Prize for Young Talents, Bogota, Colombia.

PHILIPS Art Prize for Young Talents, Marta Traba Hall, Latin American Memorial, Sao Paulo Brazil.

IX National Painting Venue, Banco Ganadero, Bogota, Colombia


2001 PHILIPS Art Award for Young Talents, Bogotá, Colombia. First prize.

VI National Exhibition of University Art, FENALCO, Bogotá, Colombia. Second prize.

PHILIPS Award for Art for Young Talents, Marta Traba Hall, Memorial of Latin America, São Paulo, Brazil. First prize.

IX National Painting Exhibition, Banco Ganadero, Bogotá, Colombia. First prize.

2005 II. Two-Dimensional Art Show, Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Bogotá, Colombia. Honorable Mention.

2006 I Fernando Botero Award, Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia. FINALIST.

2007 XVI Art Hall Ibero American MIGRATION Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington D.C, Usa. First Prize Colombia.


Collection Luciano Benetton, Milan, Italy.

Collection of the Bank Republic of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

Collection c21 Museum, Louisville Kentucky, USA.

Private collection Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, Bogotá, Colombia.

Collection Memorial Museum of Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Unesco Collection, Paris, France.

Collection National Museum Givatayim Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Collection Pierre and Sonia Falcone, Miami, USA.

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